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  • Can Pressure Washing Remove Graffiti?
    Yes, pressure washing can effectively remove graffiti from most surfaces. However, the success of the removal depends on the type of surface and the age of the graffiti. Our technicians at Dirty South Pro Wash use specialized equipment and cleaning agents to safely and effectively remove graffiti from your property.
  • What Is The Difference Between Pressure Washing And Soft Washing?
    Pressure washing uses high-pressure water spray to clean surfaces, while soft washing uses a low-pressure system and specialized cleaning agents to gently remove dirt, grime, and stains without causing damage. Soft washing is typically used for more delicate surfaces such as roofs and siding.
  • Is Pressure Washing Safe For My Property?
    Yes, pressure washing is safe for most exterior surfaces when performed by a professional. Our technicians at Dirty South Pro Wash are trained to use the appropriate pressure and cleaning agents to protect your property and avoid damage.
  • How Often Should I Have My Property Pressure Washed?
    The frequency of pressure washing depends on factors such as the type of surface, location, and environmental conditions. As a general rule, we recommend having your property pressure washed at least once a year to maintain its appearance and prevent damage.
  • What is a Water Fed Pole System?
    A water fed pole system takes water from the hose and runs it through a tank. The tank then completely purifies the water. After the window is cleaned, the water will dry spot free.
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